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Chemmy Alcott

Britain's Greatest Ever Female Skier


1 November 2016Exclusive: Chemmy Alcott reveals the sex of her baby!

We chose to find out the sex of our baby during our 20 week scan. Normally we love surprises but because of the nature of when I am due and the fact that Dougie will be away running our ski camps for 2 weeks before and a week after, discovering the sex of the baby was something we wanted to enjoy together. It was slightly worrying as after saying yes we wanted to know the reply was 'I think it is a boy' we both slightly apprehensively looked at each other and I replied "you think?" (I have heard they can wrongly say it would be a girl when it comes out as a boy but not the other way round!) Luckily we were told with a giggle that the 'think' part came from the fact that his hand was between his legs covering his boy parts haha. I totally welled up as being the youngest of three with two older brothers, I was hoping secretly for a boy, whereas Dougie was much more impartial (in fact he slightly had hoped for a girl because I have two gorgeous nieces who are so in love with him!!) Anyhow as every parent says there are so many health worries that in the end you just want a happy, healthy baby and fingers crossed, so far, it looks like we do. (It certainly feels like it all night as he disco dances in my tummy!!)

We had thought that finding out at 20 weeks would have given us enough time to find a boys name we love but it hasn't been that easy! We both love unique, different names but have struggled to find the balance of making sure they aren't too odd or difficult to spell or pronounce! But we have to decide soon - Dougie is away pretty much from the 17th November until the 9th Jan (I am due on 1st Jan) and after the birth we need to head out to the mountains as soon as possible so that i can resume my work for BBC Ski Sunday so we don't have the luxury of waiting to get to know our baby before we name him. (Already I have tried to make waves with the Kingtson Birth Certificate Office to attempt and quicken his birth certificate as I heard it can take up to two weeks and we need that before he gets his passport so we are under a slight time restraint!!)

Whilst most 30 week pregnant couples are putting the finishing touches on their nurseries we have recently moved out of our house for some much needed renovations so I am moving in with my brother whilst Dougie is away and really just trying to mentally design a portable nursery for the baby for whatever country or hotel room he will live in until Spring next year!!
I think i should probably start slowing down soon.I am writing this from our team (CDC Performance) hotel up the mountain in Austria so haven't been able to quite yet!! Although this time because of the high altitude Dougie made the sensible decision not to let me ski - i put my skis in the car three times and all three times he took them out before we left! I have been so lucky that so far - except from struggling to put my shoes on - I have been able to stay as active as ever and actually recently although my bump is getting quite big now, my rib pains that i had during the 2nd trimester have all gone. I feel like the baby is already trying to prepare us however for sleepless nights because all day whilst i am working he is serene and then at night he comes alive! But secretly (although I am quite tired) I enjoy watching all the movements and rollings going on in my tummy!

After this camp when I won't be travelling as much - just working on the Ski World Cup commentating for Eurosport - actually right up to my 39th week - won't that be interesting if my waters break live on air!!

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