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Chemmy Alcott

Britain's Greatest Ever Female Skier


29 November 2016Belly FaceSwap and last minute Logistics: 34 weeks cooked

Sleep - where have you gone? You have been replaced by hip spasms. I have learnt the tough way to not gloat when you feel great during the later stages of pregnancy! Everything was far too easy a few weeks ago.

I was fortunate in many ways during the first few trimesters - no sickness and able to keep working up the mountains. However, bar a nasty rib pain, I had breezed through! (My tummy started stretching and the ligaments stopped holding everything in so an old rib injury I suffered two weeks before my third Olympics in Vancouver started to raise its head).

Now though, a viscous circle of being really uncomfortable sleeping on my sides (glute tightness), which continually wakes me up and disturbs all chance of any sleep, is slightly getting me down. I wouldn’t really mind if it weren’t for the daily comments of unknowing strangers reminding me to ‘enjoy that sleep whilst you can!’ Ah what sleep?! My baby boy is nocturnal and a night time raver! He is lying transverse just underneath the tight skin of my tummy, so not only can I feel his movements deep in my core, I can also visually look down and see his various body parts rolling around (most worryingly its often his big bottom, which makes me think maybe the poor wee fella has mummy’s derriere!!) Despite all this discomfort, I know I will miss this feeling of connection of him growing inside me.

I went to a specialist Chinese doctor who spent 90 minutes adjusting my body and using acupuncture to set me straight. I actually got up out of the physio couch and walked in my undies with needles all over my face and body to the reception of the glass fronted shop, as my brain was playing tricks and I was convinced he had forgotten about me! What a sight that must have been (wouldn’t have been so bad if i hadn't spent lunch that day with my brother and we had tried to do FaceSwap with his face and my big belly by (badly) drawing some eyes, nose and mouth on my now naked stomach - didn’t work by the way!) But on a serious note, I have found regular manipulations and chiropractic treatment amazing during this pregnancy and would highly recommend it to any mums-to-be.

I once talked about our poor timing with him being due on New Year’s day and me having to work during the winter, but on the flip side I am loving being pregnant during Autumn in London. Daily walks and exploring new areas has been an absolute highlight (I have recently moved in with my brother and sister in law who have very kindly let me stay for the last 6 weeks whilst Dougie is away running our camps, just in case I was to suddenly need help.) Consequently, I have found a new affinity with nature and London architecture - not going so far to stay I have started hugging trees (unlike Martin Roberts on I’m a Celeb - and yes i have more evening downtime so have started to watch some easy evening tele - it distracts me from reading all the birthing books and parent to be advice we have been kindly sent!) But seriously it feels indulgent to take an hour or so out of my computer logistics to go for a walk and be a lady who lunches, but it is something i look forward to daily. I even dress up out of my old faithful leggings and comfy bump tops so I feel like a normal person and not a growing, uncoordinated whale!

Still keeping up other physical activities - I have joined a local mumma yoga and am still doing pilates daily - my pelvic floor feels strong and powerful!!

I am almost on top of all the planning for our busy winter. From all my CDC Performance Managing duties (almost 90 days of camps this winter alone), travel and private work logistics, including BBC Ski Sunday and how I will be presenting, and Dougie doing daddy day-care (and hoping I don’t get baby brain and have to do multiple script takes - sorry in advance to you lovely camera men!) To extending our house and being nomads all winter, which in turn means our baby-to-buy list is slightly different to other new parents. Whilst others are beautifying last minute gorgeous nurseries, we are being far more practical and choosing what to buy based on weight and 'compactibility', since we will be living out of our car and in hotels rooms for the first 9 months of his life.

I have become a connoisseur of the finer things in life like the importance of a flat lying car seat (especially for our travel plans with the mini us!) Most people plan on short trips to visit family with their new born whereas ours will be long journeys across europe. We will be first in line to get his passport then be off to either Austria, German or Italy (depending on what date he decides to come and where the women’s WC ski tour is that weekend!) There is lots of scary evidence of new borns not being able to breath in an upright position so for long car journeys we are looking to invest in a lie flat bed for him. I am looking at second hand options as this car seat can really only be used for half a year!

After moving in with my sis in law who is like a mum guru, we went through all the contents of my baby things. It didn’t take long, as it is just a small box containing some super cute but impractical clothes i have bought over the years as gifts for my friends having boys (they all had girls so i held onto the stuff!) So sunday I hit amazon hard and even though I am obviously the perfect customer right now, I still feel sorry for the poor delivery man who came the last few days with packages stacked so high he couldn’t see the door bell!

This is happening and it is all happening fast….

My Eurosport commentary starts this weekend - am going to have to take multiple pillows so my mouth can still be close to the mic despite my big belly…. actually who am I kidding - no one ever complained that i was too quiet!!